Graphic Design, Motion & Web Design. 

At LP Grafix, we help companies stand out through smart and engaging content and design. If you’re looking for originality and innovation, you’ve come to the right place. If you need a price on a future project get in touch today by filling out this form!


I founded LP Grafix in 2011 to provide a productive outlet for my graphic design skills and training. I stay at the forefront of all the latest trends so I can provide my clients with modern and stylish products. From the initial strategy to the final outcome — I offer guidance and support throughout the whole process. Call or text me by clicking the Whats App link located on the bottom to schedule a consultation today.



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" This is so Beautiful!!!! Thank you so much again your work is impeccable"

"This is exactly what I envisioned. Im seriously in tears, mike said your awesome but girl you are ammmmmmaaaazingggg"

Honey B Creationz | Project: Website

Beauty Hire | Project: Logo

" To the best Graphic Designer in NYC right now! @lpgrafix thank you so much.  Less than 24 hours and my sis made this happen.  Every detail she executes.  I'm telling you, your business is nothing without someone who can create some content, graphics, etc!  Invest in your friends & support them.  I don't know how my business would look without her.  I recommend @lpgrafix 1000%. I dont care what anybody has to say, I GOT THE DOPEST GRAPHIC DESIGNER IN THE GAME! & that's on period! 🗣🗣

Lashed Out by SP Studios | Client




Graphic Design can be a foriegn language to most people.  To understand a bit more before placing an order, here are some educational blogs to help you.